6 Steps to a brighter Financial Future

Financial Plan

Step 1: Making the plan!

If you don’t know the destination, how will you know when you’ve arrived? To achieve your dreams and fulfill your future obligations in the most efficient and cost effective manner, you need to have a plan.

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Step 2: Start creating your budget!

Maintaining & more importantly sticking to a budget ensures that you live within your means & don’t spend the money you don’t have. To have more money at the end of the month you either need to increase you incomes sources or the other option is to reduce your expenses.

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Contingency Fund

Step 3: What if you have an emergency?

Job loss, cut in pay, medical emergencies for family members. Do not let unfortunate incidents steal your peace of mind. Having an emergence fund not only saves tremendous amount of stress but also ensures that you don’t get into unnecessary debts

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Risk Protection

Step 4: Protecting yourself from risk

You always wish the best for your family and provide all their possible needs, But what happens if you take yourself of the picture. How about if you suffered a terminal illness or what about an unfortunate incident that costs you your earning ability for a few years? Ensure that you are got all aspects of risks to your earning ability adequately covered.

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Step 5: Planning for your retirement

Given a chance you would probably want to retire tomorrow itself. BUt who are we kidding right? How about in the next 5 or 10 years? What next 15 years? How many year could your work for money? Do you know how much would you need for a peaceful retirement? Would you save enough? Would your retirement savings be taxed?

You wouldn’t want to leave your Retirement to chance, would you? Start planing for your golden years today

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Smart Investing

Step 6: Investing SMART

Investing just because you have the money or because you have the money is a guaranteed way to lose your hard earned money. You have heard about S.M.A.R.T goals. Why not have S.M.A.R.T financial goals? Whether it’s a new car, bigger or new home, vacation, your children’s education & marriage. Invest SMART.

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What our Customers Say

Harish and Srinisha

We wanted to do ‘something’ with our money and had very little insight on what that something was. The infomercials were the only sources for our knowledge – Amitabh Bachchan promoting a child plan or some other star with all his charm marketing a pension plan. To help us pick the most suitable option of the most popular plans, we wanted to catch up with a financial advisor.
“We met Sharath Mascarenhas” He didn’t meet our expectations, for, ours were the wrong ones. He started not with explaining what he knows but trying to understand what we want. This was what changed our perspective about “investment”. He ensured we jot down our goals (till the end of life ) and reverse engineer the whole investment plan and the best part was No hard selling.

Today, 4 months later, we are marching towards being FINANCIALLY LITERATE. His quotes seem to make a lot of sense – “Don’t work for money. Let money work U.” & “Financial Instruments are just the means to achieve your goals and the not the goals

Siva and Anisha
Sivakumar  -Anisha Rajendran -300X200

I have known Sharath for a 3 years now and what started as a casual financial talk (from my side atleast) ended up being a full-fledged financial consultant role for him.
I will strongly recommend Sharath for his fact-of-the-matter advise on financial literacy, removing the rut around financial ignorance and providing the know-how to the client to plan for their finances pro-actively”. What you’ll like most about him is that no matter how good the instruments (or the news around it ) if it doesn’t add value to you or meet your financial goals – He’ll never recommend it.

Keya Mukherjee

Why should one write or speak about FWM? Here are a few of my personal thoughts on why I did talk to FWM and why am I writing about them:
In today’s world, with the dangers of financial crisis still looming high, it is imperative for us to understand how can we save that extra penny and make it work for us.
The answer lies in having a financial plan.
The next question is– whom should we approach to help us with financial planning – our banker or FWM? And if FWM, what is it that demarcates them from another planner or our bankers?
The first and the foremost would be that Sharath (FWM) educates you on financial planning. He did not TELL me where to invest. He taught me concepts, which allowed me to figure out my investments. He guided me during my initial months of being on board with FWM, but over the past few months his role has become more of being a sounding board.
I believe it is very important to have a financial goal and to understand what financial instruments can I utilize to achieve that goal. This is the knowledge that I gained from my association with FWM.
I have known Sharath(FWM) for over a year and he has demystified financial planning for me. His energy and positivity is infectious!!

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Abhinav Johri worked with Sharath in 2007