About Us

About Founder

  • I started full time work when I was 19 in the call center.. Doing my graduation (full-time) course in the morning & was working in the Night. Although I was Hired for 12K (in 2001) there was never a month that I took less than 18K because of incentives & shift allowance. So can imagine the kind of arrogance that comes  along when a 20 year kid makes more money than his lecturers, got his cards with his name printed on his cards & cheque books etc. Cutting the long story short after about a 8 months, I start investing for the first time not because I was serious about my finances but JUST TO SAVE TAXES. I took advice from a college friend who was a life insurance advisor over the weekends. I thought, he would know more about money just because he was a ‘ Life- Insurance’ advisor . Like most Indians ignorant about their finances I too didn’t care to know what this instrument was, where was my money getting invested, was it even catering to a financial goal. All I was bothered was to know If i was getting tax benefits or not.


Can We Work Together?

  • Customers are the backbone of Ferdinand Wealth’s financial education and finance-related services. Services on a platter of professionalism and the respect to clients are among the key drivers of our business. As we leverage our extensive experience in the finance sector to enable clients fulfill their financial aspirations, we do expect our clients help us help them through their steadfast cooperation and commitment.

Here are the traits we look for in our customers:

  • Financial Improvement should be your Goal:Making our clients reach their financial posts is what makes us happy, and not reaching sales quotas. Please contact us only if your objective is changing your financial status for the better.
  • Be Ready to Work as a Team:To grow your wealth you should have a strong resolve to step in sync with us, as we guide you toward your financial goals.
  • Bind with Mutual RespectWe consult with you in an unbiased way and we are honest to the core in our recommendations. Our finance experts will work with you, finding ways to scale your savings higher. We expect you also to be a client who makes room for a win-win situation.
  • Value the TimeYour time and our time are precious. Please give considerable thought to the time and day you choose for the appointment. If you postpone or cancel it, our other schedules can be disturbed.
  • Be an Active ParticipantHow much we can help you to achieve your financial desires is dependent on your time and effort for your financial improvement. The more your commitment, the more will be our interest and action to serve you.
  • Ferdinand Wealth looks forward to welcoming you to its fold and offering you its expertise for making your financial health robust. Let us work as a team and drive on the road to mutual success.

Benefit to Employers

"The employer gains $3.00 in value for every $1.00 spent on a comprehensive financial education program for workers" – Dr. E Thomas Garman

Improved Productivity

Giving employees access to financial education will help them overcome financial stress thus helping them concentrate better at work and add more value to the organization. Better productivity directly implies better bottom-line growth.

Reduce attrition

Financial education can help your employees understand that little extra money alone cannot improve financial well-being. Once they realize this there will be lesser inclination to change jobs and also reduced pressure on your HR function for salary hikes.

Cut HR & Admin costs

If your employees are well informed about financial decisions there will be lesser queries to the HR/Personnel/Accounts department for help on issues related to Taxation, Pay scale benefits etc. Thus these departments can focus better on their core activities.

Higher employee morale

Improved financial health produces greater concentration, creativity, more positive outlook towards life. As employees gain control of their financial life they become more competent on the job. Thus improving overall employee morale.

Benefit to Employees

"As human beings, our perceptions of ourselves and our place in the world are important to workplace performance."

Corporate Social Responsibility

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To be a trusted and preferred name in the financial advisory and wealth management space, by offering high quality investment solutions and providing outstanding service, without compromising on our principles.
To have a ‘financially’ literate society by making the process of investing simpler and more understandable to the masses. To help our customers realize their investment goals through practical and sensible advice, well focused financial plans and strong financial discipline.