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What is Workplace Financial Education?

Workplace Financial Education is a combination of various initiatives including workshops, lectures, counseling sessions and self learning modules which help employees understand the basics of money management and give them the necessary skills to better manage their salaries and money related issues.

Money is definitely something one cannot live without. Living without money is a problem. Once you have money in hand and you can’t manage it properly, it is going to create even bigger problems. Financial stress has been thus showing an increasing influence in salaried professionals.


Increasing financial stress might be because of many reasons. The overspending tendency or mishandling may be the reason for this. There has always been a decreasing trend of saving. Many facilities like credit cards, loans available on simple terms and conditions, ever increasing consumption trend, compulsive spending etc. might be some of its major causes. People are sometimes so much into taking loans and debts that they end up unable to repay the loans with the current income. People in the aging group may even end up with terrible retirement lifestyle because of this.

India's first Financial Education and Financial Planning company focussed on educating and helping Young Indian Professionals to lead stress free Financial Lives. Finerva was formed with the aim of addressing the lack of financial literacy among young indian professionals. Our's is a team that strongly believes that the key to happy lives, wealth creation and freedom from financial stress does not lie in more money, but, in managing your money better.

We achieve these by providing our trainees & clients access to unbiased Financial Education and Financial Planning.